The Vintage Caravan Bring Lots Of Drive To "Gateways"

Everyone loves an album with a bit of drive to it. If you're looking for one, than The Vintage Caravan has a record for you. The Vintage Caravan bring lots of drive to Gateways, delivering one punchy track after another from start to finish.

The Vintage Caravan deliver a rocking record from start to finish, and they certainly kick things off the right way. 'Set Your Sights' brings the record to a huge start with a demanding riff that immediately catches your attention. The song keeps rolling ahead, unable to be stopped. 'The Way' continues through with a big composition and even more drive, keeping that energy flowing. The energy never stops, the confident forward drive of 'Farewell' being the same as the start of the record.

Just because there's a lot of drive doesn't mean The Vintage Caravan lay off the variation. They play with the very delivery of the drive, such as making it cool and bouncy in 'Reflections' or funky on 'On The Run.' Other times, the band stick with a vibe throughout a track, keeping things anthemic in 'Hidden Streams' dreamier in 'Nebula,' which grows into an epic, bellowing track. 'Tune Out' grows largely in a similar fashion. The album ends with a cover of Fleetwood Mac's 'The Chain,' bringing an interesting yet solid interpretation of the classic.

The Vintage Caravan brings lot of drive to Gateways, a new record that keeps things really energetic and diverse record that really captures a lot of vibes. It's diverse and fun, and may not come with any central banger but does keep delivering from start to end.

Favorite Track: Nebula

Least Favorite Track: Reset

Rating: 70 / 100

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