Metric Keeps Things Fresh In "Art Of Doubt"

Metric are one of the bands that have gone long unappreciated. Every album continues to deliver fresh material that pushes their sound forward. That’s no different in their latest record. Metric keeps things fresh in Art Of Doubt, delivering fun, powerful new music.

Metric always has tricks under their sleeves. Art Of Doubt keeps it energetic and dynamic from start to end, starting off with ‘Dark Saturday‘ and its big riff, bringing packing energy for the record to continue with. Songs like ‘Love You Back‘ and ‘Now Or Never Now‘ keep that energy alive and going strong. There’s also different vibes throughout the record that keep it dynamic, like title track ‘Art Of Doubt‘ with its mysterious groove and ‘Seven Rules' being more calming. Art Of Doubt is no one trick pony.

The dynamic of Art Of Doubt make the record very interesting to listen through. It’s almost as if every song is a display of the very idea of doubt; are you ready to move forward without worry, or do you have to take a step back and question yourself? Songs like ‘Dress To Suppress‘ embody the more daring side of the record, it’s undying swagger bringing with it the confidence to challenge anything. Then there’s songs like ‘Die Happy,‘ which take the energy down and wonder more about possibilities, as well as ‘Anticipate‘ with its awesome, spiraling synths. Closing track ‘No Lights On The Horizon‘ shows a bit of both, its upbeat atmosphere keeping things refreshing even as the album closes.

Metric keeps things fresh in Art Of Doubt, keeping up their creativity with energy and dynamic. This record keeps itself on its heels, making sure every individual song has purpose on a grander scale within the record.

Favorite Track: Dark Saturday

Least Favorite Track: Holding Out

Rating: 76 / 100

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