Animal Flag's Driven Sound Brings Life To "Void Ripper"

It's not easy to make an establishing sound for yourself in rock anymore, but those who take the challenge and find success will always move ahead with flying colors. Animal Flag's driven sound brings life to Void Ripper, serving as a new beginning to a hopefully fruitful field.

There's a lot to be said about Void Ripper, yet it's hard to find the words. It's tight in production and diverse in sound while maintaining a core idea, powerfully bringing some awesome sounds together. Opening track 'Morningstar' introduces the album with a perfectly brooding atmosphere, it's seemingly calm disposition making it feel like a patient hunter watching its prey. The action is soon taken as title track 'Void Ripper' opens with a big intro and lots of drive, the energy that was almost spilling over in the intro track ready to explode and take full form. The more alternative 'Fair' takes things to a huge level, the big drive pairing with an epic, explosive ending to really tie the album together.

The variety of Void Ripper is what really sells the album. There are plenty of jams, but plenty of different numbers that makes Void Ripper diverse. The slow 'Lord Of Pain' seethes with rage and contempt as it goes, silent in its delivery but mad in its story. 'Candace' is full of resentment and a subtle evil to it, making it a nice texture for the start of the record. The sweeter 'Why' is more questioning and feels like its searching for something, it's poppier delivery enveloping you. It's angrier choruses contrast the verses, as if the answer being looked for isn't what they want to believe. Closing number 'Five' is a bit more gentle, taking the album out on a big yet retrospective note.

Animal Flag's driven sound brings life to Void Ripper, the diversity and power of the music really sounding like a fresh new band ready to take over. Animal Flag feel fresh and ready to explode with life.

Favorite Tracks: Void Ripper, Lord Of Pain, Fair

Least Favorite Track: I Can Hear You Laugh

Rating: 82 / 100

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