Dungen & Woods Keep Things Chill In "Myths 003"

Dungen is a band that stops at nothing to create a soundscape. Their last album, Häxan, was all about the atmosphere. Folk rock outfit Woods is much the same, and when you bring the two together, you're met with something enchanting. Dungen & Woods keep things chill in Myths 003, a collaborative album that is both mysterious and thought-provoking.

Myths 003 begins on a safe note with 'Loop,' a simple instrumental song that revolves around a lot of nice melodies and a country-like riff. The vocals come in on the next song, 'Turn Around' which brings the two sounds wholly together. Funky rhythm supports an overall mysterious vibe, the melodies almost coaxing you into a groove. It has a pretty alternative vibe to it, being one of the most accessible songs on the album while still maintaining the overall vibe.

Myths 003 is a good song to chill back to, but not necessarily an album that you'll come back to otherwise. There's really not much going on in Myths 003 that stands out, most songs sounding more or less like filler for a bigger album. 'Morning Myth' brings some cool, summer jam vibes to the table with a frantic touch to it, and closing track 'Just For The Taste' brings the album to a nice, chill ending, but there's nothing that stands out about them besides what you can say on the surface. Songs like 'Marfa Sunset' don't even feel like they belong, sounding like a collection of strange sounds put together into one track without much consideration.

Dungen & Woods keep things chill in Myth 003, bringing and album that's nice to chill back to but not one you'll feel like coming back to. It's atmosphere is definitely fit for the right situations, but there is something missing overall that prevents it from hitting that extra mark.

Favorite Track: Turn Around

Least Favorite Track: Marfa Sunset

Rating: 60 / 100

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