BTS Exhibit The Diversity Of K-Pop In "Love Yourself, Tear"

The K-Pop explosion that has only been growing since it begun last year, and it seems like the artists know it. BTS exhibit the diversity of K-Pop in Love Yourself 轉 'Tear', the most prolific group in the movement showing off everything the genre has to offer.

Not knowing Korean may be a put off to some first trying to understand K-Pop, but as with any music from another language, you end up clinging to other things, which is perhaps why K-Pop is so alluring. The melodies and instrumentals serve as a very important backbone to the music, as seen throughout Love Yourself, Tear. Opening track 'Intro: Singularity' brings things to a smooth and relaxing beginning, the vocals completely taking over the jazzy background and amplifying the mood tenfold with the melodies. Following track 'FAKE LOVE' shows off the dynamic of the group, jumping between more hip-hop centric moments and melodic ones, the intro setting off a great vibe and the melodies soaring. The instrumentals also help with the tone a lot, the big dancey pulses of 'So What' making it sound huge and the fantastic instrumental of 'Magic Shop' adding warmth to the already uplifting, blissful track.

Love Yourself, Tear isn't a game changer, but it's certainly a good entry into a huge revolution. There are several tracks that are a bit more average that perhaps appeal to an Americanized audience, such as 'Paradise' and 'Love Maze.' However, BTS still show a lot of creativity and diversity throughout the record. Korean culture blends with Latin music in the entrancing 'Airplane Pt. 2,' leaving for a very interesting and unique listen. 'The Truth Untold' offers a more solemn note, the mostly-piano based instrumental leading up to a Steve Aoki curated build. '134340' even offers up a more upfront, dark vibe within the pop spectrum, and closing track 'Outro: Tear' takes on a fully aggressive hip-hop tone. Love Yourself, Tear is a very diverse listen that doesn't get boring. 

BTS exhibit the diversity of K-Pop in Love Yourself, Tear, really showing why K-Pop is becoming a global phenomenon. It's a very diverse album that has a great understanding of pop sensibility. Even without knowing the words, the emotions in the melodies and tone speak wonders. It's no mystery why K-Pop is set on such huge growth: the genre is changing the face of pop music with uniqueness and creativity.

Favorite Tracks: Airplane Pt. 2, Magic Shop, FAKE LOVE, So What

Least Favorite Track: Love Maze

Rating: 82 / 100

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