Boston Manor Bring The Energy In "Welcome To The Neighbourhood"

When you aim to be grandiose in rock, you really gotta drive it home. Boston Manor bring the energy in Welcome To The Neighbourhood, a huge, dynamic album that really keeps on delivering energy from start to finish.

Boston Manor kick things off strong with title track ‘Welcome To The Neighbourhood,’ a big, dark start to the record that tantalizingly draws you in. The big build allows the energy to come in slowly but effectively, the gradual build perfectly translating to ‘Flowers In The Dustbin.’ Many high energy tracks dot the record from start to finish, providing the seemingly unstoppable drive the album has: ‘Halo’ comes in huge with it’s immense chorus, while the big energy of ‘Funeral Party’ keeps things going.

The blend of melodies and energy in Welcome To The Neighbourhood lends itself strongly to a great listen, but if you’re looking for variation you may end up being a bit disappointed. Towards the middle of the record you can’t help but feel like the record becomes a bit monotonous. Tracks like ‘Tunnel Vision’ and ‘If I Can’t Have It No One Can’ just sound like something you’ve already heard. There are some standout tracks all the same: ‘Bad Machine‘ comes off powerfully with great alternative melodies and big riffs. Closing track ‘The Day That I Ruined Your Life‘ has this great build to it that brings the record out in a strong fashion, much like it began.

Boston Manor bring the energy in Welcome To The Neighbourhood, their new record that shows a lot of energy and promise. The record does hit a bit of a slump, but it keeps the energy going and the catchiness remains all the same, from start to end.

Favorite Track: Bad Machine

Least Favorite Track: It I Can’t Have It No One Can

Rating: 72 / 100

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