LP Unleashes Her Full Potential In "Heart To Mouth"

Alternative queen LP has been electrifying the circuit for years now, and her latest record shows no differently. LP unleashes her full potential in Heart To Mouth, her latest record that really shows her electrifying energy.

LP has a lot to offer, but she doesn’t offer it up all at once. Heart To Mouth starts with ‘Dreamcatcher,’ a chiller start with a folky approach. The track keeps things calm and collected to begin, LP holding back before kicking things up immediately in ‘When I’m Over You.’ Powerful vocals begin to stir as the chiller instrumental moves things on subtly. LP’s huge vocals dominate the record from there on out, particularly impressive and shining in tracks like ‘The Power‘ and ‘Dreamer.’

While proving herself to be a vocal powerhouse, LP keeps things fresh throughout the other elements of the record as well. The Middle Eastern tinge to the melodies in ‘House On Fire‘ add a great color to the record and provide for a pretty unique track. Energetic songs like ‘Die For Your Love‘ and ‘Girls Go Wild‘ explode with energy and contrast chiller tracks including ‘Hey Nice To Know Ya.’ The punchy ‘Shaken‘ amps up the record before closing track ‘Special‘ closes the record out on a fun note.

LP unleashes her full potential in Heart To Mouth, her latest record where she truly lets it all go. She has surprises from start to finish, and every time she brings something new, she kills it.

Favorite Track: When I’m Over You

Least Favorite Track: Recovery

Rating: 77 / 100

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