Godsmack Keep Things Heavy For New Album "When Legends Rise"

Godsmack have been keeping things rolling for more than two decades now, and they're not letting the energy die. With some energy and big riffs, Godsmack keep things heavy for their new album When Legends Rise, adding a bit of an alternative flair to keep things modern.

Right from the start, Godsmack are exploding. The huge intro of title track 'When Legends Rise' brings the album to a massive start, with lots of drive keeping the energy flowing an the album pushing ahead. Sometimes the grandiose shifts to the melodies, especially in 'Every Part Of Me,' which has a more alternative sound but still keeps things big. And even if the lyrics aren't all that, the energy in single 'Bulletproof' is giant.

When Legends Rise has an issue with generating interest, however. At a point, a lot of the heavier songs start sounding the same. 'Take It To The Edge' is a huge song, but in the context album it just feels like its getting stale. As the album goes on, there's a lot less that pops out, things getting weaker as it goes on. There are a few moments that stick out just because they're different: 'Under Your Scars' is quite dramatic, for example. By the end of the album, it just feels a bit uninspired, but luckily closing track 'Eye Of The Storm' ends things off on a nice note.

Godsmack keep things heavy for their new album When Legends Rise, and while they attempt to keep things modern, fail to keep things different and maintain interest. There's a lot of big jams that work great individually, but as a whole it ends up feeling uninspired.

Favorite Track: Every Part Of Me

Least Favorite Track: Take It To The Edge

Rating: 70 / 100

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