Young Thug Brings The Whole Crew Along For The Ride In "Slime Language"

Nothing indicates a good birthday like an album release... and getting arrested at your own birthday party. None of that stops Young Thug though. Even though his album release/birthday party extravaganza was busted by the LAPD, that hasn't prevented him from dropping a record with all his rapper peers. Young Thug brings the whole crew along for the ride in Slime Language, and extensive album full of dull, tired tracks that rely on features to generate hype.

It's no surprise that this record says nothing and goes nowhere. Such is the climate of trap rap nowadays. Slime Language does have a few redeemable moments, though. Opening track 'Tsunami' is nothing particularly special, but it certainly sets the right tone for the record. It's a fun track that see Young Thug cycling through his tropes, bringing the record to a solid start. 'Gain Clout' is a track where the flow really goes off, showing where Young Thug can really shine and his is a great example of his ability as a rapper.

Unfortunately, that's about as far as the quality tracks go. The rest of Slime Language plays like you'd expect it. Reused beats over typical raps that have nothing new to say beyond drugs, partying, women, sex, and so forth. It's all been said and done countless times before. 'Audemar' with Tracy T has a huge amount of vocal stuff going on whether it be annunciation or the number of people performing at once, and none of it works. By the time 'Scoliosis' rolls around, you're really just left in that repetitive cycle of boredom. Bigger names like Lil Uzi Vert on 'It's A Slime' or Gunna on 'Dirty Shoes' aren't doing the record any favors, either. Most of the record is pretty much run of the mill stuff you've already heard within the last two years.

Young Thug brings the whole crew along for the ride in Slime Language, but fails to really start a party on it. If these weren't songs that have been done thousands of times before, perhaps then he'd have the banger he wants. At the end of the day, though, there's no content and nothing special going on here.

Favorite Track: Gain Clout

Least Favorite Track: Scoliosis

Rating: 51 / 100

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