Jimi Hendrix's Legacy Lives On With "Both Sides Of The Sky"

Even though its been nearly five decades since the world lost Jimi Hendrix, but his legacy lives on. Even decades later the world still hails him as one of guitar's unquestionable greats, and its no mystery why. Jimi Hendrix's legacy lives on with Both Sides Of The Sky, showing more of the best of his material long after it was recorded.

Hendrix's guitar playing is what has really defined his career, and you can tell every ounce of his soul is present in Both Sides Of The Sky. You can tell his soul is crying out through the sound of his guitar in songs like 'Power Of Soul,' where he brings together soulful and funky rhythms for a wholly emotive track. The wailing sound of 'Hear My Train A Comin'' has the same effect, with its epic guitar solo bringing out even stronger emotions as it helps bring the entire song to life. With Hendrix, it's only a given that the songs feel full and alive.

While the guitar may be his claim to fame, Jimi Hendrix is much more than his axe. He is a songwriter, and as overlooked as his writing may be, every ounce of every song feels alive. The bing intro of 'Mannish Boy,' the album's opening song, leads into a big funky riff with lots of pizazz and drive, following track 'Lover Man' following up much the same with a more aggressive and ambitious vibe as Hendrix takes on a challenging stance. Hendrix lets his real soul come out in his words as he takes a grassroots approach in 'Georgia Blues.' 'Send My Love To Linda' is the perfect summation of Hendrix's writing, his simple songwriting pairing perfectly with his sense of complexity. The Spanish-driven introduction leads into a funky sort of track, Hendrix longingly crooning "send my love to Linda, she lit a fire down inside... God, let me hold her once more before I die." 'Cherokee Mist' follows up to close the album out on an epic seven minute jam, featuring multiple parts and showcasing Hendrix's careful yet free-living musical sense.

Jimi Hendrix's legacy lives on with Both Sides Of The Sky, a collection of some of Hendrix's old pieces that still spring to life today, long after he left this world. It almost being 50 years later makes how modern and raw these songs are even more impressive, and it continues to prove that there really is no match for the legend himself.

Favorite Tracks: Send My Love To Linda, Cherokee Mist, Hear My Train A Comin'

Least Favorite Track: $20 Fine

Rating: 79 / 100

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