Jaguwar Electrifies In "Ringthing"

Indie rock isn't the first genre you associate with the word "electrifying," but there are certainly bands on the scene seeking to change that. Among them are Jaguwar, caught in the midst of pop punk, alternative rock, and indie. They find just the right mix of all of them to make something truly special. Jaguwar electrifies in Ringthing, building songs from the heart and bringing the drive to keep the emotions alive.

One of the most immediate things you'll notice about Ringthing is that it's always pushing ahead. The drive is unstoppable from the start; 'Lunatic' brings the record to a bustling start as such, with anthemic vocals to help it stay alive and upfront all the same. 'Skeleton Feet' is slightly more eclectic, maintaining a brighter overall sound but with more jagged passages at hand. The drive climaxes, perhaps, at 'Crystal,' where the drums absolutely take over the song and carries it through, with subtle electronica flair at hand to add character.

Jaguwar isn't the most diverse throughout Ringthing, but there really are very few places where that is a problem for them. What does vary, however, is the emotion of the music. There's aggression at the explosive end of 'Slow and Tiny' and chaos that resolves in peace with 'Night Ou.' The sweet build of 'Away' leads into a giant ending as well, while 'Whales' brings an alternative presence to the music. There's not many places where emotion is repeated, nor are there many places where something feels the same.

Jaguwar electrifies in Ringthing, expressive tones and massive builds leading to an album full of spirit and emotion. There aren't many stand outs, but there's nothing that brings the record down, either. It's true to heart and it's raw, and in indie, that's all you can ask for.

Favorite Song: Slow and Tiny

Least Favorite Song: End

Rating: 77 / 100

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