Meek Mill Seeks Redemption In "Championships"

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Meek Mill has been one of hip-hop’s favorite figures. Once he was finally freed from prison a few months back, everyone knew he was prepping his comeback: and here it is. Meek Mill seeks redemption in Championships, his new record that he uses to draw attention to some core issues in America.

Meek Mill has a lot to say on Champions, and he doesn’t miss a single beat. Starting track ‘Intro‘ opens the album as a full-fledged song, the big anthemic presence of the track gearing it up perfectly for the comeback vibe of the record as the energy of the track carries into ‘Trauma,’ which roars with a big beat and a bigger attitude. Fabulous and Anuel AA join Meek for ‘Uptown Vibes,’ providing for some more energy before tracks like title song ‘Championships‘ brings these anthemic, old-school style beats and ‘Almost Slipped‘ delivers a chiller atmosphere. There’s even some poppier tunes on this record, like ‘Going Bad‘ with Drake and ‘Splash Warning‘ with Future, Roddy Rich, and Young Thug.

Championships is more than a solid array of styles. Meek Mill has many pertinent messages to share in the record, particularly about prison conditions and African American issues. ‘On Me‘ with Cardi B is the first aggressive song on the record, but it’s not until the track after it - ‘What’s Free‘ - where things begin to get real. With Rick Ross and JAY-Z both on the track, Meek Mill delivers a damning statement on the realities of being an African American and the struggles that still exist. ‘Respect The Game‘ follows once again, the message being just as the title implies: Meek has seen it all, so don’t mess with him. ‘Pay You Back‘ with 21 Savage digs deep into some of Meek Mill’s naysayers before he gets intimate with the listener and talks about his experiences and the need for change in closing track ‘Cold Hearted II.’

Meek Mill seeks redemption in Championships, making powerful statements about the state of society based on his experiences. On top of bringing certain issues into the public eye, Meek Mill also ensures that he’s here to stay for good, and he won’t be stopping until he sees change come.

Favorite Track: Pay You Back

Least Favorite Track: Splash Warning

Rating: 74 / 100

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