Jon Bellion Returns With New Flair In "Glory Sound Prep"

It’s been a minute since Jon Bellion last graced us with the sound of his loving, personal alternative pop, but after a long silence, he’s back and with new conviction. Jon Bellion returns with new flair in Glory Sound Prep, his second album that sees him move away from loving idealism and dive into more personal, real-life events.

Right from the start, there’s a very clear maturity that wasn’t immediately present in his previous releases. ‘Conversations With My Wife‘ immediately reveals the growth he’s experienced since his first record, a new maturity expressed through a discussion with his partner. Bellion further emphasizes this new attitude with fiery tracks like ‘Let’s Begin,’ a lowkey disstrack against his naysayers complete with angry features from Roc Marciano, RZA, B.Keyz, and Travis Mendes. ‘Adult Swim‘ with Tuamie further explores his journey since his last album, bringing this very interesting transition of peace and finding it and a more familiar urgency, as if to say just because he’s grown doesn’t mean he’s solved all his problems. Closing track ‘Mah’s Joint‘ ends the record on a pretty sobering and surprising existential note as he details his grandparents growing old and the general idea of growing old itself, Quincy Jones ending the song with some glory and a soulful sendoff.

Despite the seriousness within some songs on Glory Sound Prep, Bellion’s familiar poppy sound is still found on the album to add some style. ‘JT‘ is a much sweeter, poppier track that sort of strays away from some of the more serious attitudes on other tracks, bringing a cool punchiness with it to keep things cool and interesting. ‘Stupid Deep‘ has a weird yet silly atmosphere to it, while ‘Blu‘ is more playful and sweet. Bellion even brings expands upon some of the electronic elements that mad his sound so definitive with the cool glitchiness of ‘Couples Retreat.’ Even ‘Cautionary Tales‘ feels right at home with his original sound, the more alternative pop drive to it really feeling at home with his previous material.

Jon Bellion returns with new flair in Glory Sound Prep, showing a new maturity while still expanding off his previous sounds. Glory Sound Prep isn’t quite as accessible or even as catchy as his first record, but his swagger is still there while he seems to find a new voice for himself. The growth is definitely something to appreciate, and with his signature sound still shining through the cracks, you can’t go wrong with this record.

Favorite Track: JT

Least Favorite Track: The Internet

Rating: 75 / 100

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