Francesca Michielin's Voice Shows Its Depth In "2640"

Sometimes, delving into foreign music can prove to be an eye - or, rather, ear - opening experience. Not being familiar with a language forces you to focus on different aspects of a song: the instrumental, the melodies, and the power of each tone. Francesca Michielin's voice shows its depth in 2640, where for non-Italian speakers, you really get a sense of the emotion and power that goes into her music.

First and foremost, 2640 is an effective pop album. It's not necessarily doing anything new, but it does everything it sets out to do well. The European pop standard is strongly felt in 'Vulcano,' and with its subtle synths, big hooks, and great melodies, it soars. Opening track 'Comunicare' immediately brings a lot of drive to the album, with an almost hip-hop beat to it. 'Bolivia' follows through with a sweeter and more anthemic presence, continuing on the record's progression smoothly.

Michielin's voice is very diverse and powerful, and she shows all of its angles throughout the record. 'Scusa Se Non Ho Gli Occhi Azzurri' is incredibly passionate and emotional, her voice as beautiful as the somber piano chords. Closing track 'Alonso' is similar, it's wistful melodies sounding hopeful and looking for an ideal future. 'La Serie B' is very uplifting in its tone, an aspect seen in a lot of the more driven and grander choruses in songs like 'Noleggami Ancora Un Film.' Michielin makes sure her entire soul is on the line when she sings, not sacrificing emotion for the sake of anything else.

Listening to music in a different language can be daunting, but more often than not it provides an amazing, visceral experience. Francesca Michielin's voice shows its depth in 2640, and is sure to impact anyone listening, whether you speak Italian or not. Music transcends language barriers. No matter what kind of music it is, there's always something you can find out of it.

Favorite Tracks: Scusa Se Non Ho Gli Occhi Azzurri, Vulcano, Tropicale

Least Favorite Track: Tapioca

Rating: 75 / 100

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