Beacon Keep It Calm and Personal In "Gravity Pairs"

For musicians, one of the hardest parts of creating music can be finding the perfect way to capture the emotions they’re trying to. Throughout their latest record, Beacon perfectly capture what they set out to. Beacon keep it calm and personal in Gravity Pairs, creating intimate atmospheres to act as the perfect backdrops to their philosophical messages.

Gravity Pairs is quite minimalistic, but Beacon takes full advantage of every second of the album. From the chill, calming ‘Be My Organ‘ to the dramatic ‘Bending Light,’ Beacon cover a lot of grind while keeping things relatively simple. There’s never too much and never too little in every song, so when the haunting ‘On Ice‘ plays, you get that perfect sense of peace yet still get a taste of that subtle tense air.

Beacon go in emotionally yet tactfully in Gravity Pairs, allowing for what could have been a calming, ambient record to become this deep, intimate one riddled with powerful emotions. ‘Don’t Go Looking‘ opens the record with a sort of active start, a light drive making for an almost anthemic start to the record. There’s a sense of emotional high within the track, and those peaks are what tie songs together. The awesome drop in ‘Fields‘ is a huge moment on the record, the drop still subtle but loud and dynamic when looking at other tracks. Even the closing track ‘The War You’re After‘ takes the record out on a high while still not being overbearing, beautiful harmonies helping the record end on a perfectly chill note.

Beacon keep it calm and personal in Gravity Pairs, diving in deep with their emotions and keeping things simple to form powerful tracks. The minimalism of the record really let’s you get into every part of every song, giving you a very wholesome and intimate experience with the record.

Favorite Tracks: Fields, The War You’re After, On Ice

Least Favorite Track: The Road

Rating: 79 / 100

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