AURORA Returns With Dynamic, Ethereal "Infections Of A Different Kind (Step I)"

When AURORA popped into the pop scene in 2015, everyone who listened knew she was destined for greatness. 2016’s All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend was one of the year’s best albums, let alone one of the best debuts from a pop artist in a long time. She’s back now, and she’s definitely not sticking to basics. AURORA returns with a dynamic, ethereal new EP Infections Of A Different Kind (Step I), a fresh new record from pop’s nature princess.

The record begins with the lead single, ‘Queendom,’ a sweet and wondrous track that perfectly ties in AURORA’s signature sound with the direction she’s heading in. Her lyrics are very “natural,” drawing from the world around her to create these very innate lyrics. ‘Queendom’ is about how we are all one and the same, and that we should come together to provide for a better future for this world. Even while being so sweet with its lyrics, ‘Queendom’ marks a new chapter for AURORA in its production. ‘Queendom’ is noticeably more full of sound with many moving parts; on her debut, many tracks followed a minimalist atmosphere. Throughout Infections Of A Different Kind, AURORA plays with more energetic and layered instrumentals, including on the dramatic, brooding, and spiraling ‘All Is Soft Inside‘ and the punchier, more dynamic ‘Churchyard.’

What doesn’t change about AURORA’s sound is her sense of self. AURORA’s voice is as pure as ever, her fairy-like and ethereal delivery tying the EP together. That vibe is especially apparent in ‘Forgotten Love,‘ her vocals sounding crystalline above the cool build of the track. Her beautiful vocals also add to the almost haunting atmosphere of ‘Gentle Earthquakes,’ and it truly shines and takes centerstage in ‘It Happened Quiet’ where she sings alongside a traditional choir. The drama of ‘Soft Universe‘ is the product of seemingly endless harmonies, before closing track, the title song ‘Infections Of A Different Kind,’ brings the record to a calming end.

AURORA returns with a dynamic and ethereal new EP Infections Of A Different Kind (Step I), offering up more of her natural, folky sound and expanding upon her sound. It’s a great new record that fills the gap for more material from her, and as it’s subtitled “Step I,” we can’t wait to see what the next step she takes will be.

Favorite Tracks: It Happened Quiet, All Is Soft Inside, Soft Universe, Churchyard

Least Favorite Track: Infections Of A Different Kind

Rating: 94 / 100

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