Tommy Genesis Introduces Her Confident Sound In "Tommy Genesis"

One of the most important parts of being a pop or hip-hop artist is to have a definitive personality. That personality should be who you are, in terms of both your person and your music. Tommy Genesis introduces her confident sound in Tommy Genesis, her dark and dynamic debut.

The world of female hip-hop is slowly growing, but it’s still not quite where it should be. Tommy Genesis provides a fresh taste of the genre, drawing more upon traditional trap and dark pop sounds to make a sound that is her own within this space. ‘God Sent‘ opens the record with a quick yet poppy start, getting things off to an agreeable note. You get a real sense of what her sound like in the following track ‘Rainbow,’ where a darker beat and a sense of being disconnected from society kicks in with Tommy Genesis’ signature attitude shining through. She really owns this aggressive confidence, showing it off in songs like ‘Tommy‘ where she really captures her personality.

Tommy Genesis is more than just aggressively confident on her record. There’s a bit of dynamic in it, as well. She likes to channel summery vibes to offer up a chill atmosphere, particularly in ‘Drive‘ and closing track ‘Miami,’ the latter of which has a more moody aspect to it. She also gets a bit daring and has some fun in the middle of the record with tracks like ‘Bad Boy‘ and the XCX remix of ‘100 Bad.’ It does feel like she sometimes takes it a step too far, like in ‘Daddy‘ and ‘Play With It,’ but overall Tommy Genesis offers up a pretty unique and agreeable listen.

Tommy Genesis introduces her confident sound in Tommy Genesis, her aggressive yet catchy debut record that doesn’t shy away from having fun. Right from the start, you get a sense of her character and her music. It’s not perfect yet, but the foundations are all there.

Favorite Track: Rainbow

Least Favorite Tracks: Daddy, Play With It

Rating: 68 / 100

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