Primordial Bring Big Punches In "Exile Amongst The Ruins"

Metal is best served when it's big and angry, which is exactly what Primordial delivers in their new album. Filled with atmosphere and thrill, Primordial bring big punches in Exile Amongst The Ruins.

The best part of Exile Amongst The Ruins is that it's a very dynamic album. Primordial isn't afraid to change things up mid-song, evident from first track 'Nail Their Tongues.' The nine minute begins deceptively quietly with a reverberating guitar, before a giant riff comes blistering in. Every moment for nine minutes is full of energy, and the thrill of the song only increases as it grows. Primordial does well, with an album filled with songs over five minutes long, at keeping the interest alive. Closing track 'Last Call' is similar to the opening track in that it has quiet parts, though they are interspersed throughout. It ends huge, however, making certain the album ends on a high.

There isn't a dull moment on Exile Amongst The Ruins, but sometimes you're left just wanting a bit more. Being that most tracks clock in over seven minutes long, Primordial does everything they can to make sure they capture your attention at every moment, but at times it feels they jut don't go far enough. 'To Hell Or The Hangman' has lots of drive, but it stays pretty much the same from start to finish, while 'Where Lie The Gods,' in contrast is massive and epic, constantly changing and bearing evil down on you with several defined parts. Even title track 'Exile Amongst The Gods' feels like it goes on for just a bit too long, with not enough change to really take it above and beyond. No songs are weak, but could have benefitted with a little more.

Primordial bring big punches in Exile Amongst The Ruins, offering a pretty dynamic and epic metal album. The length of the songs often serve as an issue, but no song is weak. Every moment is packed with anger and energy, and you feel every riff and blast beat hit you hard.

Favorite Tracks: Where Lie The Gods, Nail Their Tongues

Least Favorite Track: To Hell Or The Hangman

Rating: 75 / 100

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