Blue October Send Off Love In "I Hope You're Happy"

Looking back at past romances can be a mixed trip through memory lane, but that feeling of wondering where they are now always sticks around. Blue October send off love in I Hope You're Happy, a dynamic and lovely album about appreciating what they once had.

'Daylight' begins the record dynamically, the big, building start really bringing you into the record. The drama the track sets up isn't lost quickly, with 'Your Love Is Like A Car Crash' following up with just as much drama. There's a lot of different flavors of love channeled throughout the record, from thankfulness in 'I Hope You're Happy' to an angrier, edgier feeling with 'Colors Collide.' It's more of a testament to the volatility and diversity of emotions you experience in the wake of love.

By the end of the record, Blue October settle into a softer mood. If anything, the end of I Hope You're Happy is melancholy and optimistic rather than hopeless. Things start taking a very sweet and genuine turn with 'How To Dance In Time,' the track lending itself to that slowdance atmosphere perfectly. 'King' follows up similarly with just as much sweetness to it. The last two tracks are really where that feeling of melancholy come in, the faraway, reverberating 'All That We Are' very calming and in love, but just with a tinge of longing that gives it a sad edge. Closing track 'Further Dive (The House That Dylan Built)' ends the album on a gorgeous note, great vocals and a beautiful orchestra closing out the album.

Blue October send off love in I Hope You're Happy, documenting the many emotions you will feel when looking back on past loves. One thing that Blue October doesn't do is keep their head down in this album. While sad and angry at times, the message is that they're happy where they are in life and happy to have had that experience, and while they may wish those times would come back, those memories will also stay warmly in their hearts.

Favorite Track: Further Dive (The House That Dylan Built) 

Least Favorite Track: Colors Collide

Rating: 75 / 100

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