Rich The Kid Jumps On Trends For Relevancy In "The World Is Yours"

Part of being in the rap game, as it is now, is to stay on top of the trends. You can be on one of two sides of it: attempt to start a new trend or just play it safe and play towards the existing ones. Rich The Kid jumps on trends for relevancy in The World Is Yours, playing it safe for his debut album.

Being that Rich The Kid is just jumping on trends for this album, there really isn't much to note quality-wise. Opening track 'World Is Yours' is really where it peaks, a strong beat supporting some standard delivery. There are very few moments that even have a moment you can comment on; 'Plug Walk' has a beat that's interesting at times, but that's about all that can be said. Much of the rest of the album is entirely recycled ideas from artists before him.

Even the guests can't do much to save the album. Half of Kendrick Lamar's verse in 'New Freezer' is recycled from 'Big Shot' from the Black Panther soundtrack. After awhile, everything really becomes stale and it all blends together. There's no difference in quality or sound from 'Made It' with Jay Critch and Rick Ross to the end, 'Dead Friends,' which takes the album out on a boring note as well. The only notable songs are the ones that stand out because they're so bad, namely the Chris Brown collaboration 'Drippin.' There's just nothing interesting going on in the record that makes it stand out from all the other trap albums out there already.

Rich The Kid jumps on trends for relevancy in The World Is Yours, failing to create a defining sound for himself and really just blending into the seemingly endless fray of other trap rappers out there right now. It's a dog-eat-dog world now (a stale one, at that), and if there's any hope for maintaining interest, you can't play things safe.

Favorite Track: World Is Yours

Least Favorite Tracks: Made It, Drippin

Rating: 40 / 100

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