Suicideyear Brings Dynamic To Ambience In "Color The Weather"

Ambient music often follows the precedent of long, drawn-out pieces with synth chords that wash over you to build a relaxing atmosphere. Suicideyear changes pace with that by adding new elements into the mix for a much more diverse experience, but not without flaws. Suicideyear brings dynamic to ambience in Color The Weather to achieve just that.

Suicideyear covers a lot of different ground in Color The Weather, from relaxing to urgent. Tracks like 'Momma' seek out the classic calming ambient atmosphere, really channeling that motherly warmth the title implies. While primarily focussed on instrumentals (and, where applicable, vocal samples used as an instrument), Casey MQ offers up more calming vibes with his voice in 'Said and Done' for more relaxation. On the opposite side of the spectrum, 'Little Palace Hidden Heaven' offers more punchy synths and dissonance to create a rougher, harsher sound that isn't quite as relaxing.

The dynamics and production of this record allow for it to be diverse in emotion. The almost schizophrenic vocals from Georgia, for example, in 'Days Forever' gives the album a splash of haunting colors, disorienting you in its cavernous echoes. There are issues with this diversity, though: it's almost like Color The Weather is a volatile rollercoaster of emotions. Opening track '7 Year Dream' is immediately an earache with its brickwalled kick hits, which continues for nearly three minutes before being followed by an immediately more chill 'Tired.' This constant change of vibe is more jarring than it is effective, though when closing track, title song 'Color The Weather,' comes through, you're at least left on a relaxing, calm note.

Suicideyear brings dynamic to ambience in Color The Weather to create a diverse, though jarring, experience. It's an interesting take on a genre that seemingly follows a general formula, but in the experimentation things seem to lose sight of creating an atmosphere as one album.

Favorite Track: Said and Done

Least Favorite Track: 7 Year Dream

Rating: 67 / 100

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