Between The Buried and Me Bring The Funk In "Automata II"

Progressive rock outfit Between The Buried and Me are no strangers to crossing boundaries, but their new album goes in a pretty fresh direction. Between The Buried and Me bring the funk in Automata II, an EP with a lot of groove and complexity that certainly shows both the musicianship and creativity of the band.

While Automata II does clock in at 33 minutes, it is still a four track EP. Each song takes its time building complexity and growing, with several sections to each piece. Opening track 'The Proverbial Bellow' begins the record to a huge start with lots of drive supporting the big riffs and huge drums. The complexity of the song is a good introduction to the record, complete with a folky section as well as an ending that shouts like a battle song. 'Glide' follows through with a funkier attitude, which is further explored in 'Voice Of Trespass.' This track has a lot of dynamic, with a new jazzy influence as well as an increasingly evil crescendo as the song goes on, Between The Buried and Me not losing sight of the heaviness they inject into the music. Closing track 'The Grid' is more melodically focussed, with great melodies and a huge uplifting end bringing the album off to a nice end.

Between The Buried and Me bring the funk in Automata II, combining complex progressive rock with a variety of different genres to have a very groovy element to this new EP. It's certainly a dynamic set of tracks, and it flows very nicely altogether. A great fusion of progressive rock and other genres.

Favorite Track: The Proverbial Bellow

Least Favorite Track: Glide

Rating: 71 / 100

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