Vance Joy Maintains His Anthemic Indie Sound In "Nation Of Two"

When 'Riptide' invaded the airwaves in 2014, it was an instant indie classic. Vance Joy has a sound and voice that's familiar yet unique to him, all the while telling a story. Vance Joy maintains his anthemic indie sound in Nation Of Two, a very raw album with undeniable pop flair.

While Nation Of Two has a lot of pop sensibility to it, it has a lot of rawness to it, as well. Opening track 'Call If You Need Me' brings the album to a modest start, its folky tone giving credence to the cautionary tale it sings of. Later on in the album, 'Little Boy' provides for another folky anthem that tells another tale, giving the album some more rawness. Closing track 'Where We Start' ends the record as it begins, personally and with a nice message to leave the album off on.

Of course, the album's not entirely about the raw folk sound. 'Saturday Sun' channels 'Riptide' in the most genuine ways possible, bringing an anthemic indie vibe right to the poppy vibe. 'One Of These Days' pulls in that anthemic vibe once again later in the album, adding a brass element to it for that extra punch. There's not a moment in Nation Of Two that doesn't scream of sweetness, though there are times where it feels a bit saturated. Beyond the key tracks, a lot of the songs have that same sort of sound that does start to drag on. Luckily, the moments of variation give the album some flavor right when it starts getting old.

Vance Joy maintains his anthemic indie sound in Nation Of Two, adding a pop sensibility to his very raw sound. The music of Nation Of Two has a familiar quality to it that really helps you keep yourself grounded. It's like a story of all the things you keep inside, and a release of all those thoughts, in the most lowkey anthemic indie way possible.

Favorite Tracks: Saturday Sun, I'm With You

Least Favorite Track: Crashing Into You

Rating: 74 / 100

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