Fall Out Boy Thank Chicago In "Lake Effect Kid" EP

Fall Out Boy have a loving relationship with their hometown of Chicago, but they've never quite shared there thankfulness like they do in their surprise new EP. Fall Out Boy thank Chicago in the Lake Effect Kid EP, a short record that not only thanks the city for giving them a home but one that also dives into the band's roots sonically, as well.

Lake Effect Kid is a tribute to the band's beginnings and the city where it all began. That's very apparent from opening track 'Lake Effect Kid,' the ambitious, loud guitar riff and punchy follow-through taking you straight back to the golden-age Folie À Deux era of the band. This track really captures that youthful, proud ambition that defined the band before their hiatus. 'City In A Garden' is more of a mix of the new and old in the best ways, the anthemic and dreamy track being a true ode to Chicago. The alternative instrumental with pounding drums and powerful synths supports Patrick Stump's thankful chants of "I love you Chicago / You make feel some summer fling / You know that I know that I owe you everything." Closing track 'Super Fade' is much more electronic than prior tracks but in a tasteful way. Stump roars with pain during the punchy choruses, the urgency accented by loud brass before an awesome drop kicks in. It's almost like with 'Young & Menace' should have been.

Fall Out Boy thank Chicago in their Lake Effect Kid EP, dedicating the music to the city that housed the beginning of their career. It's a great look at how far the band has come, the short three-track EP really capturing how far they've come. There's a little piece of every era in there, and it all comes together in a beautiful and dynamic way. MANIA had already hit it out of the park when it dropped earlier this year, and Fall Out Boy only continue to impress this year.

Favorite Tracks: Super Fade, City In A Garden

Least Favorite Track: Lake Effect Kid 

Rating: 85 / 100

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