6ix9ine's "DUMMY BOY" Is Anything But A Statement

If you’ve paid any attention to the world of hip-hop, you’ll have seen 6ix9ine‘s name pop up in the news. Even while he was issuing hitmen and whatever else he was doing, he had music in the works. He missed the initial release date due to the his charges, but the record was released nonetheless; but 6ix9ine’s DUMMY BOY is anything but a statement.

It’s easy to pass off 6ix9ine as all bark and no bite, but given his trials recently it’s fair to say he does have some bite to him. Nonetheless, DUMMY BOY shows why he ended up where he has. ‘STOOPID‘ opens the record with almost excessive energy, 6ix9ine’s aggressiveness paired with Bobby Schmurda doesn’t really get the album going. It’s too energetic somehow. ‘FEFE‘ with Nicki Minaj and Murda Beatz follows up with a little more cohesiveness, Minaj’s verse adding a nice dynamic to the track (she actually sounds like she fits on it, unlike 6ix9ine) and the flow overall being tighter. 6ix9ine doesn’t consistently deliver in DUMMY BOY but there’s a few redeeming moments, like the beat of ‘TATI‘ with DJ SPINKING and the surprisingly catchy vibe of ‘BEBE‘ with Anuel AA.

6ix9ine makes it easier to hate this album than to like it. It’s not even that he doesn’t have the potential to make something good or that it’s his aesthetic that doesn’t work; it’s entirely the fact that his aggressiveness aims to make hype rather than to fit the tracks and that creates a lack of cohesion. There is a lot of proof that he can make good music: ‘MAMA‘ with both Nicki Minaj and Kanye West flows awesomely and even catchily, and 6ix9ine’s chorus shows that he can take on a “calmer” atmosphere. He even vibes with Kanye in ‘KANGA,’ though most of the credit there is Ye’s. Closing track ‘DUMMY‘ with TrifeDrew ends the record with a pretty chill vibe, but tracks like ‘WONDO‘ and ‘TIC-TOC‘ with Lil Baby that add absolutely nothing to the album really drag it down.

6ix9ine’s DUMMY BOY is anything but a statement, only going to show that he really doesn’t have a handle on himself or his music (if everything else in his life hasn’t made that evident). The lack of responsibility he has comes back and hurts his music as well. Perhaps his comeback is on its way, but if he continues down this path, there very well may not be one that shows his real potential.

Favorite Track: MAMA

Least Favorite Track: MALA

Rating: 58 / 100

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