HTRK Enchants In Mysterious "Drama" EP

It takes a lot to make sure a two-song EP covers enough ground to justify itself, but that's not a problem for the Melbourne-native HTRK. HTRK enchants in their mysterious Drama EP, short but captivating record that focusses primarily on melodies and sounds to build an atmosphere.

There's not much to Drama, but with what it does do, it does well. First track 'Mentions' is a six-minute journey, which is slow but certainly always progressing. The vocal lines repeat throughout the song, leaving the instrumental to do all the work, which is mainly taken care of by the guitars. The calming, spacey track is almost disorienting with the way the vocals reverberate, but the answer of the guitar fills in that space to keep you grounded. 'More To Enjoy' is the opposite, with more vocal melodies keeping things moving forward rather than the instrumental. It's almost like there's a yin-yang effect going on here, but in terms of content rather than message. Both tracks offer up a unique experience, but with similar atmospheres that connect them.

HTRK enchants in their mysterious Drama EP, playing with an experimental sound and seeing how they could execute the vibe with two different focusses. With the mysterious reverberations of Radiohead and the atmosphere of space, HTRK manages to make a two-song EP feel like's own journey; albeit, a short one.

Favorite Track: More To Enjoy

Least Favorite Track: Mentions

Rating: 73 / 100

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