Hater Offers A Calming Atmosphere In "Siesta"

When faced with worry, its hard to just stay calm in the face of all the chaos. Hater offers a calming atmosphere in Siesta to reflect that sort of mood, delivering lowkey indie vibes to make for an album that can help you keep your composure.

Right from the start, Siesta offers en agreeable vibe to rake you in. ‘From The Bottom Of Your Heart‘ opens the record with a cute and gentle atmosphere, establishing the vibe that carries it to the end. ‘I Wish I Gave You More Time Because I Love You‘ brings more of the same gentle vibes that the intro song. ‘Closer‘ channels more sweet and simple vibes, while ‘It’s So Easy‘ brings some 90s vibes to keep the mood up. Siesta endears from start to finish.

There’s more going on in Siesta than just gentle moods. Hater flips somethings up throughout the record, the 90s vibes being only one of the examples. ‘Things To Keep Up With‘ delivers darker, moodier melodies and a more somber instrumental, while ‘Your Head Your Mind‘ is full of subtleties that makes the track intricate under its minimalist surface. The warm drive of ‘The Mornings‘ keeps the album refreshing towards the end, before final track ‘Weekend‘ ends the record off on a sweet end.

Hate offers a calming atmosphere in Siesta to keep their minds in check. Siesta is a calming record but it does have its darker undertones, but the sound ensures that if you’re going through a similar scenario, you can always just keep calm.

Favorite Track: Your Head Your Mind

Least Favorite Track: Closer

Rating: 72 / 100

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