Laura Gibson's "Goners" Gets Very Intimate

Laura Gibson isn’t a huge name in the world of indie, but she deserves to be if her latest record has anything to say about it. Laura Gibson’s Goners gets very intimate, laying some powerful emotions on the line to deliver a pretty emotional intense and dynamic album.

Just the way Goners starts gives you a great sense of what you should expect out of the album. ‘I Carry Water‘ brings the record to a perfect start, faraway synths and Gibson’s weathered voice making for a very tightly knit atmosphere. These sorts of calm, introspective tracks make up the majority of the record, particularly with tracks like ‘Slow Joke Grin‘ with its beautiful guitar arpeggios and the broken-down acceptance that is ‘Tenderness.’ Even towards the end of the record, Gibson sings in a very peaceful and calming way, especially in ‘Thomas.’

Goners is more than just a calming record. There are lots of emotions put in each song beyond just peace and contentment. Sometimes Gibson adds a bit more drive to make it seem like she’s moving forward, past all the ideas that are holding her back: such is the case in title track ‘Goners.’ The subtlety of some of her emotions makes their influence even stronger, like with the eeriness of ‘Clemency’ with its wonderful orchestras and tortured harmonies. Closing track ‘I Don’t Want Your Voice To Move Me‘ closes the record with this almost mechanical sort of contentment, ending the album on a very strange note that leaves you with questions. That’s a good thing here - some of those questions you’ll be asking will be about yourself, too.

Laura Gibson’s Goners gets very intimate as she digs deep to make some really introspective music. It’s an album that’ll make you think, sometimes about the music and sometimes about your own emotions.

Favorite Tracks: Clemency, I Carry Water, Performers

Least Favorite Track: Marjory

Rating: 77 / 100

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