Hippo Campus Keep It Lowkey In "Bambi"

A chill indie record can’t go wrong, but sometimes it’s nice to hear something spiced up. Hippo Campus keep it lowkey in Bambi, their new record that perfectly finds the balance between reflection and fun.

If you’re looking to chill out, Bambi has plenty for you. The calming, atmospheric ‘Mistakes‘ opens the record to invite that relaxed feeling immediately, Hippo Campus adding a few minor moments of tension to add color to the track. Title track ‘Bambi‘ takes things to a lo-fi world, keeping the production lowkey and smooth to provide for a super chill song. Other tracks including ‘Think It Over‘ and ‘Bubbles‘ keep things soft and chill later on in the record, before closing track ‘Passenger‘ takes things to an introspective place to end out on.

The other half of Bambi is all about the energy. Hippo Campus deliver some great anthems in Bambi, which includes ’Anxious‘ with its cool vibes, as well as ‘Doubt‘ which offers a bit more punch and dynamic. The centerpiece of the record, ‘Why Even Try‘ offers a bit of both sides, being a bit quiet and unsure at the start before dramatically building up. Later on, tracks like ‘Golden‘ add warmth to the record.

Hippo Campus keep it lowkey in Bambi, writing some great, chill tracks and mixing some anthems in there as well. There’s a great vibe to the record, and it doesn’t let up.

Favorite Track: Why Even Try

Least Favorite Track: Honestly

Rating: 73 / 100

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