Primal Fear Goes Big In "Apocalypse"

Metal with energy is metal that can't be stopped. It's all about how a band takes that energy and works with it from there on. Primal Fear goes big in Apocalypse, taking that energy and driving it straight to the end of their record powerfully.

The dynamic of Apocalypse lends itself to Primal Fear's grandiose sound. It begins hauntingly with title track 'Apocalypse,' the ominous introduction flowing straight into the unstoppable drive of 'New Rise,' bringing the energy full force with big vocals soaring through the skies. Those vocals carry many of the songs throughout the record with their giant presence, following track 'The Ritual' certainly feeding off the power of them. Other tracks burn with rage, like 'Blood Sweat & Fear,' instead of relying on grandiose production to carry it and instead forging ahead with anger as its main propellant.

While maintaining power, Primal Fear doesn't forget to change things up a bit as the record goes by. Apocalypse isn't one raging sound from start to finish; it's dynamic and full of different emotions. 'King Of Madness' roars to life with an anthemic vibe to it rather than a grueling one. The dramatic orchestras of 'Supernova' makes the track feel like a cinematic battle unfolding right in front of you, before the more alternative vibe of 'Hounds Of Justice' combine with various Middle Eastern moments to craft a dynamic and even catchy sound. The eight-minute behemoth 'Eye Of The Storm' remains just as big and progressive as you'd hope it would, before 'Cannonball' brings out all of the classic metal tropes to bring the record out on a familiar, though somewhat odd ending.

Primal Fear goes big in Apocalypse, delivering an album of epic proportions with larger than life drama and energy. It's a changing experience as it plays through, with different scenes being crafted out of the pure energy the album has to offer. If you need something to turn your rage into energy, this is exactly the album for it.

Favorite Track: Hounds Of Justice

Least Favorite Track: Hail To The Fear

Rating: 74 / 100

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