Brick + Mortar Keep Things Lively In "Meta Meta Etc."

Indie pop outfit Brick + Mortar know how to keep things moving forward and interesting. Their sophomore release certainly proves it; Brick + Mortar keep things lively in Meta Meta Etc., an unexpectedly diverse record that's always changing.

Brick + Mortar really capture a lot of different vibes throughout Meta Meta Etc. to keep it interesting. There are definitely some very accessible numbers, like the very indie 'Friends' or the uplifting anthem 'All Alone.' Other tracks, like 'New Road,' have a more brooding nature to them, digging deeper into darker, more personal feelings. The majority of the record focusses on grabbing you in and having a good time. Opening track 'True' may be a bit off but it certainly gets your attention, while closing track 'Hate Thy Neighbor' takes a bit of everything from the record and wraps it up in a summative way.

Despite being fairly accessible, Meta Meta Etc. gets pretty dark at times. There's a very twenty one pilots-like flavor to the record, especially as it continues on. 'Tear Me Apart' really digs deep, the track opening with the painful words: "The world replaced my heart the day you tore me apart." 'Fear Of Failure' gets existential, crying "If I die before I wake, will I have a soul to take?" 'Strange Birds' continues the dark, experimental trend before 'Question' comes in with more of a conviction, finding a bit more hope. Meta Meta Etc. keeps things real.

Brick + Mortar keep things lively in Meta Meta Etc., delivering a fun yet honest record. There's a very real aspect to this record that makes the music feel alive and dynamic, songs coming with purpose and real meaning. It's surprising how deep this record gets, and it certainly hits unexpectedly. But if you're willing to join the ride, it's rewarding to the end.

Favorite Tracks: Fear Of Failure, Strange Bird, Tear Me Apart

Least Favorite Track: True

Rating: 76 / 100

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