Tory Lanez Plays It By The Books In "LoVE me NOw"

If you’re trying to make a memorable hip-hop album in the poppier vein, it is absolutely necessary to have something unique about your delivery or presentation. Unfortunately for Tory Lanez, he seems to lack both in his latest record. Tory Lanez plays it by the books in LoVE me NOw, his new album that really fails to build its own identity.

There aren’t many “great” moments in LoVE me NOw (the obnoxious spelling of the tracks being one of those niches that seem to serve no purpose), but there are at least some fairly solid tracks. ‘Why DON’T You LOVE Me?‘ kicks off the album uneventfully but with a chill, inoffensive energy. ‘TAlk tO Me‘ with Rich The Kid also has this calmer energy, but really fails to carve out a space in the record for itself. As far as solidity in the album goes, that’s about it - everything else comes with some flaw that really drags it down.

And where those flaws exist, they’re apparent. A major problem with the album is that there’s very little creativity as far as the beats go. It’s all phoned in, easy poppy hip-hop beats that have absolutely no personality about them. ‘DucK my Ex‘ is the first track that’s just entirely forgettable, Chris Brown and 2 Chainz doing the track absolutely no favors. ‘FlEXiBle‘ is just plain boring (perhaps its all Chris Brown’s fault…), Lil Baby not doing anything for it. By the end of the record, everything just sounds the same; ‘ThE RUn oFF‘ just gets repetitive, while ‘YoU ThouGHt WrONg‘ just sounds like it drones on forever. Even ‘KJm‘ is an unimpressive ending to the record.

Tory Lanez plays it by the books in LoVE me NOw, failing to make any songs that have a definitive nature to them. It’s all boring, incessant poppy hip-hop beats that anyone and everyone has used, and it’s made worse by the repetition throughout the album. Lanez needs to step it up - the potential is there, but playing it safe won’t cut it.

Favorite Track: Why DON’T You LOVE me?

Least Favorite Tracks: DucK my Ex, FlEXiBle

Rating: 51 / 100

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