We Are Waves Channels The 80s in "HOLD"

Everyone loves a bit of 80s synthpop, and luckily, the genre's influence has spread far and still sounds loud and proud today. We Are Waves channels the 80s in HOLD, their new album that has a bit of nostalgia as well as some hopes for the future in it.

The influence in HOLD is very apparent throughout the album, and it really doesn't go wrong. Opening track 'I Can't Change Myself' really sets the stage, and could have been taken straight off of the radio three decades ago. The cheerful vibes transition into the darker 'Healing Dance,' which comes with good vibes but moodier melodies. 'Fugitives' finds the perfect balance of nostalgia and modernism, bringing a really strong Depeche Mode influence further into the mix. 

There's a lot of diversity in the album, especially as it goes forward. There are atmospheric numbers, like 'Lynn,' where the cavernous sounds offer an almost shoegaze vibe. The darkwave epic 'Mirrors' sandwiches 'Maracaibo' in between them, its dynamic synth stings standing out powerfully amongst the rest of the album. Much of the album finds itself being energetic, especially in the anthemic 'For All Those Times' which takes the best of the past and puts it to song. While this may be true, closing song 'Head In The Ocean' brings the album out on a chill note, calming you down to offer up time for reflection before signing off.

We Are Waves channels the 80s in HOLD, their latest record with clear influences and a nice sense of modernism to pair with it. There's a lot of emotion packed into this seemingly cheerful and upbeat album, which is perhaps what it truly is inspired by from the synthpop movement: hiding sadness right in front of your face.

Favorite Track: Fugitives

Least Favorite Track: Melkweg

Rating: 72 / 100

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