Mark Pritchard Creates Ethereal Soundscapes In "The Four Worlds"

Sitting down with an ambient album can really take you to new worlds, which is what Mark Pritchard sets out to do on his latest work. Mark Pritchard creates ethereal soundscapes in The Four Worlds and takes you on a journey to different places all through sonic integrity.

It's daring to introduce an album with a slow-moving eleven-and-a-half minute build, but Pritchard clearly has no rules he's setting out to stand by. Thus, 'Glasspops' opens the record, its wobbly synths slowly building over the course of eleven minutes, evolving and dancing all the while. The music waves with moments of intensity and calmness, likes an ocean. The crystalline 'Circle Of Fear' follows up with a more peaceful and basic approach, but all the beauty comes from that sort of empty feeling, which reverberates allowing for the echoes to be filled with the pictures of this new world in your mind.

For an ambient electronic album, The Four Worlds is quite diverse. It is not entirely instrumental, though perhaps after the first time you'll be wishing it was. Author Gregory Whitehead provides some spoken word to 'Come Let Us,' which at first is a bit offputting, but slowly creates a sense of intrigue within you. It's an odd song, but it's even more oddly captivating, as if its a hymn that draws you in. The Space Lady tells a familiar yet cautionary tale in 'S.O.S.,' a message to anyone listening outside this planet. It's a nice song, but nothing quite new. Most songs fully tackle things with nothing more than an instrumental, such as the beautiful and gentle 'Parkstone Melody II' and the haunting, eerie closing track 'The Four Worlds.'

Mark Pritchard creates ethereal soundscapes in The Four Worlds and doesn't waste a single second crafting the right atmospheres in each song. Each track is unique, and each moment feels like your floating through an unknown world. It's not perfect, but it provides you with a moment to sit back and become enchanted, and to be alone with nothing but your thoughts as you explore a new world.

Favorite Track: Circle Of Fear

Least Favorite Track: S.O.S.

Rating: 73 / 100

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