The Joy Formidable Bring Their All In "AAARTH"

While some bands slowly trend towards a poppier, more accessible sound, some stay true to their roots. The Joy Formidable has been going strong for just over a decade now, and with their newest effort it’s clear to see that they’ve not lost any of their steam. The Joy Formidable bring their all in AAARTH, a giant new record that really packs a punch.

AAARTH kicks off with immediate energy with ‘Y Bluen Eira,’ a huge start to the record which delivers roaring riffs and synths, building an air of chaos in sweet, rocking fashion. ‘The Wrong Side‘ follows with similar high energy, The Joy Formidable drilling forward with unstoppable drive. The record never really lets up, lacking a distinctly softer track. The quietest track is a big indie rocker towards the end of the record, ‘You Can’t Give Me.’ AAARTH is about the energy.

While The Joy Formidable are consistently energetic and heavy throughout AAARTH, they do vary things throughout the record. Every song on AAARTH has its own quirk that makes it stand out from others. ‘All In All‘ has awesome guitars in it that really help it shine, while ‘What For‘ explodes during the end before it really shows its prime sound. Closing track ‘Caught On A Breeze‘ is one of the more experimental tracks on the record with an awesome bassline and creepy sounds adding color to the track.

The Joy Formidable bring their all in AAARTH, offering heavy and energetic tracks as if they were in their prime. This band never loses sight of who they are in terms of sound, and continue to make big songs with unstoppable drive.

Favorite Tracks: Caught On A Breeze, What For, The Better Me

Least Favorite Track: Absence

Rating: 77 / 100

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