6ix9ine Sticks To His Guns On "Day69"

In today's age of rap, songs are driven by several factors: producers, style, and, most of all, the memeability of a song. 6ix9ine has risen out of the ashes with the newest wave of up and coming trap rappers, and though he was a very loyal following, he's not exactly changing the game. 6ix9ine sticks to his guns on Day69, his debut mixtape that doesn't quite keep itself up to par.

Day69 starts big with 'BILLY,' bringing the tape to a pretty hyped up start, 6ix9ine's raspy and bassy timbre sounding loud and rambunctious over the big beat. There are plenty of hype moments throughout the tape, including Young Thug on 'RONDO.' Closing track 'CHOCOLATÉ' really brings the record to a strong close with its great beat and awesome production, giving 6ix9ine the best possible note to go out on.

The problem with Day69 is that 6ix9ine really doesn't attempt to change anything up at any point. It's quite literally the same delivery from start to finish, songs having vaguely different beats while 6ix9ine just sounds large and bombastic in the same way in each of them. The "SCUM GANG" ad lib gets old fast, and when its start the start to the second consecutive song - as well as the second song on the album - 'GUMMO,' you're really left hoping it's not the case for the entire album. Yet, as fate would have it, there's not seconds after the ad lib ends 'RONDO,' it begins 'KEKE,' and it's all a bit too much. Another questionable decision: including the remix of 'GUMMO' on the album, as well as the original. Even if the new version has Offset for that extra bit of exposure, just don't put two versions of the same song on one album.

6ix9ine sticks to his guns on Day69, failing to really keep the hype going throughout the album. The same song done nine times is sandwiched between two really great tracks, and that's Day69 for you. At least it's not sandwiched in by "SCUM GANG."

Favorite Tracks: CHOCOLATÉ, BILLY

Least Favorite Track: BUBA

Rating: 58 / 100

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