Jessica Says Gets Personal In Her Intimate "Downers" EP

One of the most important things to establish as an emerging artist is who you are. Jessica Says does just that in her new EP, but doesn't paint herself as a perfect picture. Jessica Says gets personal in her intimate Downers EP with regretful anecdotes and sweet instrumentals.

Downers is short but sweet, and does a fantastic job of establishing her personality in its short run. Opening track 'Paracetamol' begins the EP with a short, intimate story with indie delivery. The song is pretty much the only track that is more than just Says and her piano, with a somewhat upbeat drum beat supporting her vocals. 'Brand New Thing' digs straight into her soul as she begins pouring her heart out above her piano. In this song, Says recounts being treated as if she were perfect, but on the inside she knows that that is far from the truth. That pained admittance segues into 'Baby Is A Nihilist,' which is a sweet plea for acceptance set to an interesting subject. Closing track 'Boy Angel' feels like a dream when looking at the reflective body of the EP, but the sweet track supported by subtle strings is brought together by the gentle chorus which begs, "Hold me until the summers ripe, until I miss my flight, hold me like a secret / Hold me until my love returns, 'till my passport expires."

Jessica Says gets personal in her intimate Downers EP, revealing that despite the picture perfect image that may exist on the surface, there's a lifetime of pain and struggles trapped within her. Every artist faces their own difficulties, and instead of hiding hers, Says embraces them, which makes her music all the more important.

Favorite Track: Baby Is A Nihilist

Least Favorite Track: Brand New Thing

Rating: 74 / 100

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