Lucius' Chilling Harmonies Bring Mystery To "Nudes"

It's been quite a year for the woman duo Lucius, touring as backup singers with one of music's biggest names. Now that the tour's over and they've had time to reflect, their back with a very personal album. Lucius' chilling harmonies bring mystery to Nudes, their aptly stripped down new effort that focusses on that the feelings caught in their timbres.

From the start, you can tell there's something haunting to the sound of Nudes. The beautiful harmonies of 'Woman,' bringing the album to a mysterious start. The guitars of 'Right Down The Line,' a Gerry Rafferty cover, add a lot of great textures under their voices, as well as adding a bit of jazziness to the mix. There's a lot of different styles toyed with throughout the album, Lucius' voices morphing perfectly to each one. 'Something About You' delves into blues territory, while 'Neighbors' is almost country.

While Nudes is a fairly diverse album, it doesn't have a lot of replay value. Most songs come and go, and don't leave much of a lasting impact beyond the duo's beautiful voices. Even the closing track, a cover of Lead Belly's 'Goodnight, Irene,' featuring none other than Pink Floyd's Roger Waters seems to not leave a giant impact, though the lo-fi, rustic production does give the album a suiting raw end. The stripped down element doesn't help their repetitive cover of Tame Impala's 'Eventually' bring the album down just a tad, and luckily there aren't too many tracks like them here. That being said, there's not much that'll bring you back, though.

Lucius' chilling harmonies bring mystery to Nudes, bringing weathered stories a fresh life with their wonderful voices. It's not an album that really tries to pull you back, but it certainly tells a history and shows the beauty behind Lucius' twin timbres. Haunting, though not grabbing.

Favorite Track: Goodnight, Irene

Least Favorite Track: Eventually

Rating: 67 / 100

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