Bebe Rexha Hones Her Spot In The Pop World In "Expectations"

Being an emerging artist in the pop world isn't easy with all the competition already out there, but Bebe Rexha is certainly ready to put a fight. Bebe Rexha hones her spot in the pop world in Expectations, showing she is truly a force to be reckoned with.

With two EPs behind her, Rexha had already been establishing her sound for quite some time. Only two tracks from the album come from those efforts: 'I Got You' and 'Meant To Be.' 'I Got You' is perhaps the key Rexha track, it's enchanting intro leading to funky verses and giant choruses ruled by splashy beats and her voice. 'Meant To Be' closes the record on an admittedly odd note, the Florida Georgia Line collaboration ending up being a fairly average country pop track, definitely saved by the duet between Rexha and Florida Georgia Line. Beyond that, Expectations is a clean slate that offers much more of the same, fantastic vibe that 'I Got You' offers, including 'Shining Star,' which radiates sensuality with its Spanish-tinged guitar riff and encapsulating beat. A mixture of the atmosphere and Rexha's voice create a very capturing vibe that is nothing short of infectious.

Unlike many pop artists out there, much of Expectations doesn't feel like filler. The only song that really feels like it falls short is 'Mine,' which just feels like it doesn't fit in with the rest. Even Quavo sounds right at home with Rexha's dark melodies in '2 Souls On Fire,' though the track begs for something a little extra to really go the extra mile. 'Knees' is a sweet and sensual pop song, a bit more average but nice all the same, as is 'Steady' with Tory Lanez. Melodies are an important part of Rexha's music, and they are the focus of tracks like 'Sad' and the mysterious 'Don't Get Any Closer.' And no album is complete without its bangers - on top of the previously mentioned ones, 'Self Control' is another great, feel-good track that'll just have you wanting to move, and opening track 'Ferrari' builds from a dinky song into a party night anthem, too.

Bebe Rexha hones her spot in the pop world in Expectations, her debut album that really solidifies her threat in a competitive place. Complete with wonderful melodies, loads of personality, atmosphere, lowkey Spanish vibes, and loads of anthems, Rexha is ready to tackle the airwaves and dominate.

Favorite Tracks: I Got You, Shining Star, Self Control

Least Favorite Track: Mine

Rating: 77 / 100

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