Chance The Rapper Shares 4 New Surprise Singles

Rumor had it earlier this week that Chance The Rapper would be releasing an album this week. While he later disproved the rumors by stating no album was coming, it looks like they weren't entirely untrue. Chance The Rapper has shared four new surprise singles, '65th & Ingleside,' 'Work Out,' 'Wala Cam,' and 'I Might Need Security.' 

Each track has a distinct vibe to it, and at the same time each has their own story. '65th & Ingleside' is a chill and wholesome track that has just a hint of dissatisfaction to it, Chance reassuring himself throughout the track that hard work and perseverance is what brought him to the point he's at in life now, and that he didn't cheat to get there. 'Work Out' follows up with a jazzier beat but an even more refreshing note, as Chance looks on the bright side of life and is thankful that all he has, as if to follow up on '65th & Ingleside.' He wishes all the people that brought him the negativity the best, and ultimately resolves in the warm "Today I missed my workout, but it worked out / I'm missing work now, but it worked out / Had to buy a crib before I bought my first house / Had my first kid, I love how she turned out."

The latter two tracks are more direct. 'Wala Cam' features producer Supa Bwe, though the song's production is pretty safe and average as far as hip-hop goes. Chance delves into more lustful desires rather than the more wholesome vibes from the previous songs, but what release is complete without some allusion about wanting something real nice? Final track 'I Might Need Security' is a scathing one, attacking all the people that make his hometown worse. He calls our everyone from Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel to Illinois governor Bruce Rauner, angrily spitting "I bought the Chicago, it's just to run you racist bitches out of business / Speakin' of racist, fuck your microaggressions." In a similar fashion to the Kanye West trope of making a beat out of a vocal line (as he did for Nas' 'Cops Shot The Kid'), Chance raps above a constant, sweetly crooned "fuck you," just to make sure his message isn't missed.

Chance The Rapper has shared 4 new surprise singles, and they're all pretty dynamic. From political anger to a genuine happiness about where he is in life, Chance really ties together a sense of home. It really feels like a snapshot of Chicago, or at least his vision of it: a place he's built up a home and transformed, but isn't done doing so.

Favorite Tracks: Work Out, I Might Need Security

Least Favorite Track: Wala Cam

Rating: 76 / 100

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