Amnesia Scanner Don't Hold Back In "Another Life"

The world of experimental music is a wild one, but the good thing about it is that it’ll never stop delivering. Amnesia Scanner don’t hold back in Another Life, an unpredictable and rugged record that you can’t turn away from.

Another Life grabs you by the neck and doesn’t let go, but you slowly begin to accept it. ‘AS Symmetribal‘ kicks the record off in this weird yet oddly captivating way, its loud distorted synths coming with a distinct sense of melody. You can never quite tell if you’re listening to some wildly affected vocals or real synths, but that’s part of the magic. ‘Another Life‘ delivers distinctly glitchy and chaotic affected vocals that work oddly well with the pounding, jagged beat behind them. ‘AS Faceless‘ delivers pulsating synths that feel like a punch to the gut, while ‘AS Securitaz‘ establishes a sense of unease with its brooding atmosphere.

As tough as Amnesia Scanner present Another Life, there’s quite a bit of diversity within the record. ‘AS Too Wrong‘ has this Middle Eastern undertone to it that promotes a very danceable vibe, ‘AS Spectacult‘ providing a more ambient soundscape. Amnesia Scanner typically don’t go for “accessible” tracks, but they do ease up at times, like in ‘AS Chaos,‘ which, paradoxically to it’s title, is probably the most easy-to-swallow on the record. ‘AS Rewild‘ too is a pretty tame number for the record, ending the album on a dark note. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that Amnesia Scanner really go for something dynamic in the weirdest ways here, like the dynamic drop of ‘AS Unlinear.’

Amnesia Scanner don’t hold back in Another Life, a wild but weirdly captivating record. There’s something that keeps you wrapped up in its chaos, and it never lets go. Perhaps its the wildness of it that provokes questions that you want to find answers for by listening on, or maybe it’s just their brilliant yet subtle way of making even the most jagged sounds melodic. Nonetheless, Another Life is an album that keeps on giving.

Favorite Track: Another Life

Least Favorite Track: AS Chain

Rating: 76 / 100

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