Bishop Briggs Delivers Broken Anthems In "Church Of Scars"

There's nothing quite like an anthem for the sad or uncertain times. It's not exactly hopeful, but its empowering in just the right ways. That's what Bishop Briggs sets out to do in her debut album. Bishop Briggs delivers broken anthems in Church Of Scars, adding a big alternative flair to her poppy style.

Church Of Scars feels like the exact in-between of twenty one pilots and P!nk, which means you have a lot of metaphors and a lot of vocal power ready to shine through. It opens with the alternative jam 'Tempt My Trouble,' which has a tantalizing bassline underneath Briggs' equally as challenging vocals. This alternative vibe carries throughout the album, taking shape perfectly in songs like 'Lyin'.' Briggs has a timbre that's as ambitious as it is somber, and it plays a big roll in making these massive anthems. This is most clearly seen in 'River,' where Briggs' confidence pairs perfectly with the experience in her voice in the building song.

Bishop Briggs definitely changes styles throughout the record, ensuring that fans know she's not a one-trick pony. She employs a massive gospel element in 'Water,' making the song reach a whole new, powerful level. The big drop in 'Wild Horses' comes in nice contrast to the more alternative rock verses. 'White Flag' is more safe in that regard, but what it doesn't have in uniqueness it makes up for in grandiose. The creeping verses sound like a warning, the huge verses exploding with big vocals and exploding synths. Even closing track 'Hi-Lo (Hollow)' is different from the rest, Briggs experimenting with a jazz and electronic fusion to take the record out on a fun note.

Bishop Briggs delivers broken anthems in Church Of Scars, using her somber yet tantalizing timbre to build powerful songs out of emotions and metaphor. Church Of Scars feels like a soulful record in the sense of learning to be true to yourself and to be a better person. It's music that allows you to find your own meaning while clearly having its own: a powerful quality for any song.

Favorite Tracks: Water, White Flag, Wild Horse

Least Favorite Track: Hi-Low

Rating: 77 / 100

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