Tash Sultana Offers An Awesome Vibe Throughout "Flow State"

It's not every day you find a record that exhibits such an incredible atmosphere that you simply cannot stop listening. Tash Sultana offers an awesome vibe throughout Flow State, her new record that's packed with incredible tracks that'll help you chill back and enjoy the noise.

Flow State has two main voices. One side of its sound is its chiller side. That's the side you're first introduced to, with the pretty start that is 'Seed.' Other tracks go beyond the norm to keep the vibes going, like 'Murder To The Mind' with its cool vibe and enchanting melodies, or 'Seven,' a spacious instrumental. 'Mellow Marmalade' has the same sound as the title may imply, calming and mellow as it goes, followed by the chill vibe of 'Harvest.' Sultana knows how to kick back and relax.

The other side to Flow State is the jamming side. Every track has an air of relaxation to it, but some pick up on the energy. 'Big Smoke' is the first track on the album to do so, its chilled start leading into a epic, electrifying guitar solo. Sultana uses the guitar as the real vessel of the music, keeping it restrained or powerful at any given point. 'Cigarettes' delivers an awesome vibe, the electrifying end entirely a result of the guitars. The chill funky vibe of 'Mystik' sets the stage for the album's final odyssey, 'Blackbird.' Similar in parts to Pink Floyd's 'Hey You,' this nine-minute adventure roars to life with both emotion and energy, the guitars roaring from beginning to end.

Tash Sultana offers an awesome vibe throughout Flow State, her newest record that bursts to live with both passion and energy, while keeping things chill as well. It truly shows her musicianship, and leaves an exciting impression for her next steps.

Favorite Tracks: Cigarettes, Big Smoke, Blackbird, Salvation

Least Favorite Track: Pink Moon

Rating: 78 / 100

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