Ghost Recounts The Bubonic Plague In Evil Record "Prequelle"

Ghost is undoubtedly one of the most beloved bands out there, with a dedicated fanbase anxiously waiting to eat up whatever they have in store next. That being said, they don't take their fame as an excuse to play things safe. In fact, it's quite the opposite: Ghost recounts the bubonic plague in their evil new record Prequelle, tackling a medieval subject with their epic metal tones.

Sweet imagery isn't what you'd want when discussing the bubonic plague, and that's not what Ghost sets out to deliver. Chilling intro 'Ashes' brings the record to an eerie start, a child singing 'Ring Around The Rosies' (as an allusion to the plague) before immediately barreling full force with the tantalizing 'Rats.' Ghost employs a lot of elements of 70's and 80's rock and metal, and that comes out with the full song, the chorus heavy but full of those awesome harmonies. The bombastic 'Dance Macabre' brings that vibe full on, the old-school jam really sounding like it came straight out of the 80's.

Ghost does an excellent job of tackling their story here. It's not easy to write what is essentially a concept album about the black plague, and even harder to incorporate any semblance of a story into it, but Ghost doesn't back down from the challenge. The first half of the record really sets the scene, songs like the Faustian 'Faith' that takes the perspective of the devil as he watches people die from the plague and 'See The Light' with its dark lyrics (the chorus cries, "Drink me, eat me / Then you’ll see the light") really establishing the atmosphere. 'Miasma' is the climax of the devastating imagery, it's evil sound brought to life with huge riffs and a badass saxophone. The second half of the record seems to be more about a love story engaging between two people caught in this horrible time. 'Pro Memoria' fears death, the narrator urging someone to always be weary of it, before 'Witch Image' comes in with the Grim Reaper ominously teasing them. 'Life Eternal' follows the dynamic instrumental 'Helvetesfönster,' where the narrator mourns over lost ones and questioning mortality itself. They really feel tortured and lost, the chorus wailing "Can you hear me say your name–forever? / Can you see me longing for you–forever, forever? / Would you let me touch your soul–forever?"

Ghost recounts the bubonic plague in their evil new record Prequelle, tackling the subject like none ever have before. It's definitely a challenge just to think about, but Ghost manage to blow any expectations out of the park and deliver not only an interesting listen, but a captivating one, as well.

Favorite Tracks: Dance Macabre, Miasma

Least Favorite Track: Pro Memoria

Rating: 79 / 100

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