Superorganism Captures A Uniquely Carefree Sound In "Superorganism"

Pop music is so accessible largely thanks to is relatability, and nothings more relatable than laziness. The newest indie pop band on the scene Superorganism captures a uniquely carefree sound in Superorganism, their eponymous debut with definitive character.

Superorganism has a special sound to it that really feels like it captures a generation: the generation currently in high school and those newer college students. Sure, they're making a lot of important noise right now, but there's always a carefree aspect to being a kid and growing up: you learn as you have fun. That's captured in songs like 'The Prawn Song' with its summery unabashedness and more so in the tired anthem 'Everybody Wants To Be Famous,' which perfectly captures that sort of "sick of life" attitude right down to the backing vocals.

A lazy aesthetic comes with a major problem, though: maintaining the listener's interest. Throughout Superorganism, you can't really tell when when the band really feels like they believe in a message and when they don't, and you'd hope it's much more of the former. From the overly enthusiastic opening track 'It's All Good' to the rejected nature of 'Nobody Cares,' it does feel that Superorganism gets out of hands at points. At the same time, it's clear that there's a method to the madness in songs like 'SPRORGNSM' with its sweet vibes and 'Something For Your M.I.N.D.' and it's glitchy production.

Superorganism captures a uniquely carefree sound in Superorganism, really nailing that adolescent sound of carefree living. We learn best when we're having fun and having experiences, and whether they be for better or for worse, we learn all the same: Superorganism serves as the sonic representation of that.

Favorite Track: Everybody Wants To Be Famous

Least Favorite Tracks: The Prawn Song, It's All Good

Rating: 68 / 100

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