Halestorm Bursts With Life and Energy In "Vicious"

Halestorm has always been that band that never stops delivering. Their core sound has always prevalent in their music, and rather than letting it become stale, they deliver it with more power and livelihood than ever before. Halestorm bursts with life and energy in Vicious, their fourth record that continues to show the band's undying ferocity.

Vicious takes no time to get going. 'Black Vultures' brings the record to a terrifying start with the tortured intro, before it bursts into a high energy rock song with a cool drive and simply massive chorus. Lzzy Hale's animalistic growls at the start of the track are a powerful indicator of what's yet to come: Hale's voice is definitely something to marvel at. Vicious is full of awesome, huge choruses, and that carries from start to finish: 'Killing Ourselves To Live' is just as grandiose as the demanding 'Do Not Disturb' earlier on the record. Energy fills the record in the alternative choruses of 'Skulls' and the confident 'White Dress,' assuring there's never a moment when you can relax. Halestorm's blistering attack comes full force on all fronts throughout Vicious.

That's not to say that there isn't variety in Vicious. Different tracks come with different focuses; while 'Painkiller' is certainly driven my its chunky riffs and big choruses, 'Buzz' is led by its awesome melodies. There's also some quieter, more intimate moments on the record: 'Heart Of Novocaine' is a pained ballad documenting Hale's battle with past loves. Closing track 'The Silence' brings the record to a warm, understanding end, chanting "everything will never change but we will still remain," again highlighting Hale's powerful vocals. While most of the record does come off as a highlight, there are some misses. Halestorm has never shied away from sex in their music, but 'Conflicted' definitely feels like an odd change of pace. Regardless, Vicious comes together nicely as a whole.

Halestorm bursts with life and energy in Vicious, bringing everything the band is known best for and more. It's dynamic, powerful, and most of all one long jam of a record. Halestorm never fails to bring the power and make some badass rock, and this is certainly no exception.

Favorite Tracks: Black Vultures, Painkiller

Least Favorite Track: Conflicted

Rating: 76 / 100

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