Iggy Azalea Flaunts Her Stuff In "Survive The Summer"

Iggy Azalea seemed to have fallen off the face of the Earth in recent years once the campaign for her last record ended, but she's on a comeback now. She's back and perhaps more confident than ever with a new bombastic EP. Iggy Azalea flaunts her stuff in the Survive The Summer EP, where she delivers some questionable tracks.

With Iggy, you take what you get at face value. It's not a particularly diverse record, but it brings what Iggy does best: offer up some swagger. Opening track 'Survive The Summer' has a pretty annoying intro, but it's forgivable as Iggy effectively disses the type of girl who is featured in the intro with a Cardi B flow. As far as depth goes, that's about it for the EP. Much of the rest of it seems like pointless, monotonous "look at my body" songs, like 'Hey Iggy' which is pretty forgettable, and all it does is pretty much just talk about her butt. Tyga does nothing but bring down 'Kream,' much in the same way 'Tokyo Snow Trip' feels aimless and is makes you feel pretty uncomfortable if you're not looking to hear this sort of thing. The end picks up a little bit, 'Kawasaki' having a solid beat to it and some better word play, but Wiz Khalifa doesn't help the record close well on 'OMG.' It's not a very fulfilling or meaningful record, but... it's perfect for a night out, I guess?

Iggy Azalea flaunts her stuff in her Survive The Summer EP, returning with more bombast than ever before but not offering up much content. It's a trashy record, but it's for a certain audience. If you're looking for a fun soundtrack to a risqué night out, you've found the one for you.

Favorite Track: Kawasaki

Least Favorite Tracks: Kream, Tokyo Snow Trip

Rating: 49 / 100

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