Death Grips Deliver Their Signature Chaos In "Year Of The Snitch"

If there's ever been an artist you can depend on to make you feel uncomfortable, it's undoubtedly Death Grips. The experimental hip-hop duo are back after 2016's insane yet oddly captivating Bottomless Pit, and they've lost none of their flair. Death Grips deliver their signature chaos in Year Of The Snitch, though not as much grabs you as with previous efforts.

It's hard to not be taken aback by Death Grips' music, and opening track 'Death Grips Is Online' certainly does it right off the bat. The chaos you'd expect is presented right away, followed quickly by 'Flies,' which is much more disorienting and even robotic with its effected vocals. The music on Year Of The Snitch is never too drawn out, with more than half of the songs falling under three minutes. With this, every song becomes a quick blast of disorder, finding new ways to get under your skin and make you feel uneasy.

While Year Of The Snitch does fit right in with all of Death Grips' other music, there feels like something's largely missing from it that really grabs you in. There's always been some shock that grabbed listeners into the otherwise jarring music, but here, it feels almost like they bank on the sensationalism of the shock instead of also trying to remain somewhat catchy. There are some interesting moments like the beat of 'Streaky' and the premise of 'Dilemma,' but otherwise you're more caught in some experimental horror show with 'Hahaha' and 'Shitshow.' Even closing track 'Disappointed' is more an onslaught of anger than anything else. There's not any intrinsically bad track, but nothing's too entrancing.

Death Grips deliver their signature chaos in Year Of The Snitch, full of disorienting sounds and drama but not a lot of super enthralling sounds. It's average as far as a Death Grips album comes, but it certainly succeeds in making you feel something; uncomfortable, that is.

Favorite Track: Streaky

Least Favorite Track: Hahaha

Rating: 70 / 100

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