Imagine Dragons' Dramatic 'Natural' Is Full Of Anger

Imagine Dragons have slowly but surely been rocking out new b-sides to their latest record Evolve (or perhaps for their fourth album), the latest being a much rawer number. Imagine Dragons' dramatic 'Natural' is full of anger, adding a new element to the record.

'Natural' is comparable to Smoke + Mirrors b-side 'Battle Cry,' most notably for it's aggression. This recent string of Imagine Dragons songs have been much more honest and direct, likely in part due to singer Dan Reynolds' recent divorce, as he works through those emotions. 'Next To Me' was a much more sincere song, definitely captivated and very in love. 'Natural' is the opposite side of that feeling: it's hurt and betrayed, Reynolds chanting that he has gained a "beating heart of stone" in order to make it through. 'Natural,' on a grander scale, is about the pain of empathy in this world, and how even those you thought you could trust can betray you and it all ends up bringing the worst out of you. The chorus says it all: "You gotta be so cold to make it in this world... Living your life cutthroat, you gotta be so cold / Yeah, you're a natural." Pair that all with a brooding and ominous instrumental, and you have a powerful, lamenting track that doesn't stray away from the dark side of reality.

Imagine Dragons' dramatic 'Natural' is full of anger, and is an honest and pained look at the reality of empathy. It's hard to face the world sometimes with positivity, and at times all you can really do is become cold and move ahead.

Rating: 88 / 100

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