David Guetta Explores His Roots In "7"

From his humble beginnings to the present, David Guetta has become one of electronic music’s most popular figures. With larger than life hits and endless possibilities, it’s clear to see why. While his music always seems to be pushing forward, though, he takes a step back on his newest record. David Guetta explores his roots in 7, his latest double-record that features his alter-ego as well as some modern hits.

7 comes with two halves, and the first half is more what you’d expect of Guetta if you know his music. The first half of the record is the poppy side, where all the big drops and notable guests feature. On it are big tracks like the empowering ‘Battle‘ with huge vocals from Faouzia and ‘Like I Do,’ a collaboration with Martin Garrix and Brooks, which come with powerful choruses and drops perfect to vibe along with. Guetta’s favorite collaborator Sia makes an appearance on ‘Flames,’ a pretty average track that comes with some big vocals, as well as the big conclusion to this half of the record ‘Light Headed.’ Tracks like ‘Motto‘ that feature Lil Uzi Vert, G-Eazy, and Mally Mall, ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone‘ featuring Anne-Marie, and ‘I’m That Bitch‘ with Saweetie appeal to that more trappy, modern vibe, too. That’s not to say that there aren’t some misses on this half of 7; in fact, there’s more than you’d hope for. ‘Goodbye,’ with Jason Derulo, Nicki Minaj, and Willy William is overall just pretty bad in both lyrics and production, while ‘Para Que Te Quedes‘ with J Balvin just feels like a cheap ‘Despacito'‘ rip off.

The second half of 7 is where things get interesting. Released entirely under the pseudonym Jack Back, Guetta uses this second half of the record to explore his house roots, the music that really got him noticed. In it are dark, brooding pieces like ‘Inferno‘ and ‘Afterglow,’ while other tracks like ‘Grenade‘ really capture that underground essence of the genre. It’s not quite as dynamic as the first half of the record in terms of variety, and it certainly won’t hit you if you’re not a house fan, but to see Guetta revisit this side of him in 2018.

David Guetta explores his roots in 7, revisiting his house beginnings while still showcasing what he can do now. Admittedly, 7 doesn’t quite live up to Guetta’s biggest hits and isn’t him at his best, but it’s certainly a good look at everything he’s done during his career.

Favorite Tracks: Battle, Inferno

Least Favorite Tracks: Goodbye, Para Que Te Quedes

Rating: 70 / 100

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